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David Cantrell david at
Fri Apr 17 04:31:50 PDT 2015

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 12:31:36AM +0100, Peter S Kirk wrote:

> My hope is that some day ITV, C4 and C5 see the light and realise that all 
> the obstacles they erect have no effect on preventing leaks, but only annoy 
> and inconvenience UK residents.

But they don't inconvenience UK residents in general. They inconvenience
a tiny number of geeks, who, to be blunt, they don't care about because
they tend not to be the sort of people that their advertisers (that is,
the people who are ITV/C4/C5's customers) care about.

Normal people either enslave themselves to the TV schedule, or record
stuff on whatever the modern equivalent of a VCR is, or they don't care
what they watch they just want to stare vacantly all day at the shiny
box in the corner of the room. People like you and me who are
discriminating in our viewing choices, refuse to enslave ourselves to a
broadcaster's schedule, and want to download stuff instead of recording
it are really not at all important to them.

That may change in the future, of course, and when their incentives
change then I expect their behaviour to change too.

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