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Peter S Kirk peter.kirk at
Thu Apr 16 16:31:36 PDT 2015

On 15 Apr 2015 at 18:03, Vangelis forthnet Vangelis forthnet 
<northmedia1 at> wrote:

> Peter Kirk wrote:
> > C4 & C5 are not possible as they use rtmpe
> > and afaik no solution has been found.
> 4oD currently uses AdobeHDS (over HTTP) with FlashAccessDRM encryption,
> which has not been reverse-engineered; all other previously un-encrypted 
> formats
> (PSP, mobile devices, YouTubeChannel) have been killed, so screen recorders
> are the only option :-( ... ).
> Last time I checked, Demand5 still used rtmp(e) protocol, but the streamed 
> files
> were encrypted and used on-the-fly decryption, so even if I could download a
> an FLV file with rtmpdump, it was encrypted hence unplayable...
> Many regards to all,
> Vangelis. 


Many thanks for the additional information and tips. I'm always keen to 
learn more.

My hope is that some day ITV, C4 and C5 see the light and realise that all 
the obstacles they erect have no effect on preventing leaks, but only annoy 
and inconvenience UK residents. If they adopted the BBC's relatively open 
format (with geo-blocking) so we can download their programmes to watch 
when, where and on device that suits us; then I and others would not need 
to search for alternative sources such as Mr Google's TPB cache.



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