Fred Dibnah's Magnificent Monuments - Episode 1

C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at
Sun Apr 12 11:40:37 PDT 2015

Well, under the 30 day rule, the earliest two of them should not expire
until tomorrow the 13th, 30 days after being broadcast on 14th March, and
the other two were broadcast on 21st March and should still have a week to
run, yet none have been available for WELL over a week, I rather think it
more like three.  So I guess my point still stands, why aren't they
available now, and why have not been so in recent weeks?

>     I downloaded it a few days after that broadcast and the same
>     for episodes 4-6 of The Fred Dibnah Story. They have all been
>     available recently.

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