libxml2-2_.dll missing?

Philip Colmer philip at
Fri Apr 10 10:43:28 PDT 2015


Yes, it is Windows. Whilst I understand your point about the Perl
installation, it is the get_iplayer Windows installer that takes care of all
of that. I don't have Perl installed separately on my computer.



> I am going to assume you are running some version of windows.
> I am going to assume that you have kept this version of windows updated.
> The problem is not with get_iplayer it is rather with the Perl
> Has Perl been updated lately?
> I personally would start by searching the PC for the library it is giving
the error
> message about.
> Look at the permission of that library and the enclosing folders.
> I had an issue with Perl when Macports installed a Perl version which
> with the official apple version. Depending the PATH environmental variable
> setting the error may or may not show up.

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