custom short command line options?

Jon Davies jon at
Fri Aug 8 08:38:27 PDT 2014

On 4 August 2014 17:26, Nick <get_iplayer at> wrote:
> Is there a short option for --modes=flashstd, or a way to set up a
> short option for that?

You could use presets.  For example:

    get_iplayer --preset std --modes=flashstd --prefs-add

would create (or update) a preset called "std", which when invoked on
the command line includes all the preferences you've put in it.  In
this case, just the mode.

to use the preset, you invoke get_iplayer like this:

   get_iplayer --preset std [everything else...]

or to get closer to what you desire, you can abbreviate '--preset' to
'-z', thus:

   get_iplayer -z std [everything else...]

And if you want to make it even shorter, there's nothing to stop you
calling you preset just "s", say (which would make your extra bit just
"-z s".  The preset files are stored in a folder called "presets",
under the user configuration folder (in linux,


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