custom short command line options?

Nick get_iplayer at
Mon Aug 4 09:26:03 PDT 2014

Hey all,

Is there a short option for --modes=flashstd, or a way to set up a
short option for that?

Some programmes I download and just have on in the background, it'd
be convenient to have a -x for stuff I'm not gonna really be looking
at. My default is flashhigh and I'd like to leave it like that, if
flashstd can be lazily reached for then I'll end up using that mode

Now I've written the email and had a think I guess one way would to just
use a wrapper script on get_iplayer. If the wrapper gets eg -a as an
option then it adds --modes=flashstd to the other options passed
to the get_iplayer perl program.


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