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To cap programmes whilst away you could set up a schedule on


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 Subject: Re: AOD availability time frame
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 Date: Thursday, 7 August, 2014, 12:19
 AOD availability has for the moment
 been rolled back to 7 days (except for 
 Proms programmes) whilst they work on the issues. I can
 understand why, I 
 agree that it's a bit frustrating :)
 I think the perfect storm of problems made everyone extra
 cautious as they 
 continue to work on the systems. Can't really blame them, it
 makes sense to 
 revert to a previous good configuration, resolve problems
 then reintroduce...
 On 6 August 2014 17:58:37 "Vangelis forthnet" <northmedia1 at>
 > Greetings all :-) !
 > As Chris has mentioned in a July thread
 > (
 > > I notice that the time for listening on iPlayer
 has now been extended to 4
 > > weeks.
 > When I first read this, I thought it was a universal
 > applying to all radio content from the beeb...
 >  I am mainly interested in Radio1 & Radio 2
 music shows, so
 > forgive me if the situation is different for speech
 oriented content
 > (e.g. Radio 4 & 4Xtra), but has this decision been
 > or REVISED in any way?
 >  Take for instance the following radio shows:
 > 1) The Official Chart (Radio 1):
 > 2) The Official Chart Update (Radio 1):
 > 3) Pick of the Pops (Radio 2):
 >  As you are able to see, shows from the previous
 week and from
 > over a forthnight ago have been made available for the
 stated 4 weeks,
 > however the recent shows have fallen back to the
 previous state of
 > being available for only 7 days after initial broadcast
 (???) ( :-{ )
 >  I am about to leave come next week for 10 days to
 a place without
 > internet access, so at first I thought I could catch up
 on my missed
 > radio content when back thanks to this extended
 availability period;
 > however the issue I bring up ruins it for me...
 >  Does any of you have more info on this?
 > Many thanks,
 > Vangelis.
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