Problems recording Hive

Jeremy Nicoll - ml get_iplayer at
Wed Aug 6 16:53:09 PDT 2014

David WIDGERY <widgery.david at> wrote:

>Hi, I have been trying to record the first episode of "Hive" and get the
following result, is this still part of the BBC iplayer website problem or
am I missing somthing.

The latter....  If you look at:

you'll see that episode 1 was broadcast on 15 July, which is too long ago to
expect it still to be available.

Or more accurately, for the normal version still to be available.

Your command shows:

>473:    Hive Alive - Episode 1, Signed, Factual,Nature &
Environment,Science & Nature,Sign Zone,TV, signed
Note the last word, "signed".

>INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
>WARNING: No programmes are available for this pid with version(s): default
(available versions: signed)

and again; it's telling you that there is no 'normal' version of this
programme available, but there is a 'signed' one ie one with someone
standing at the side giving a sign-language commentary.

To fetch that, you need to add   --version signed
to your command.

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