Subtitles Round 3

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Mon Sep 30 18:16:54 EDT 2013

For those who won't read the 2.84 release notes: I've scrapped the 
additional subtitle formats except for "compact", which I'm keeping as 
an option for anyone with hardware players that don't wrap subtitles. 
The "break" and "basic" formats were arguably worse than the default 
format, so not worth keeping.  Everyone to whom I showed the changes 
preferred the current format, which no one had ever complained about 
anyway, afaik.  It seemed pointless to have so many variations that no 
one was clamouring for.  If the BBC should somehow see sense and revert 
to the old format, the door is open to bring back colours.  As it is, 
the new format precludes even marking changes of speaker within 
subtitles, so best to keep things simple for and get out a release to 
restore subtitle capability for new programmes.  What can I say?  I got 
carried away.

Bottom line:  If your player won't wrap subtitles or the default display 
is too wide for your taste, use --subsfmt=compact.

I've rebased my subtitles branch against 2.84 release. I'll leave it on 
GitHub for a couple of weeks if anyone wants to grab the code for their 
own use.

Full script: 

Patch against v2.84:;subtitles.patch

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