Subtitles Round 3

Rob Dixon rob.dixon at
Sat Sep 28 18:44:22 EDT 2013

On 28/09/2013 00:27, dinkypumpkin wrote:
> I wasn't satisfied by my earlier attempt at subtitles, so I've had
> another go.  This time I decided to attack the problem the get_iplayer
> way: Add more options!

Although that's not the choice I would have made, your decisions so far
have created a superb utility so I am behind you.

But it will be very difficult to choose between subtitle options before
you can see the results, and it strikes me that this would be much
better if it was somehow available as a post-processing option that
could be applied to existing TTML files from a previous download (as if
from a --subsraw option).

At present my options file has both `raw` and `subsraw` anyway, so I can
modify the video/audio/subtitle content as I wish after the download.
But while choosing a video mode (and corresponding implicit audio mode)
is simple, a subtitle transformation depends more on what is available
that what is desired.

As a relevant aside, and in the spirit of Perl, it would be nice to be
able to request a --thumbsize index of -1, i.e. the largest. The biggest
thumbnail file I have is 150KB, which is tiny compared to the very
smallest fifteen-minute audio-only radio file at just over 1MB. My
options file currently has a `thumbsize` of 640, but it is highly
unlikely that the maximum-available thumbnail size will remain at 640
pixels wide.

Thanks for the impressive work that is being done.


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