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> On 29 September 2013 15:53, Simon Morgan <s.morgan at> wrote:
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> > If you check the wiki concerning PVR setting, basically it says that
> > any preference/options which can be set in the web pvr will override
> > options set in the CLI (a few exceptions). As the mode "good" can be
> > set in the Web interface this will always override the CLI options.
> >
> > I use the web pvr all the time (ideal for a simpleton like me) and
> > have set mode as "good" as the default.
> >
> > The section in the wiki covers all this in more detail though no
> doubt
> > someone will put me right if I have mis-stated things.
> >
> > Simon Morgan
> >
> Sure, I understand that the web pvr settings will override the options
> file but it seems that when I first launched the web pvr, it was set to
> Best and ignored the Good set in the options file, which is what I
> don't understand as I don't think there was any cookie set at this
> point.
> ------------------------------

A couple of points, I think the "default" mode option was changed in the Web
PVR a month or so ago. I have now set the recording mode as "good" and click
on "Save as Default". Now "good" has become my default mode and is present
whenever I start Get_iPlayer Web PVR. When I want to override this, for
example if I want an HD recording, I set mode to "best" and "Apply Settings"
which is only applicable to this session reverting to my default of "good"
when I next run Web PVR. The options file settings for mode are always
overridden by the Web PVR settings. 

However you are not alone in not fully understanding these things. I wanted
to have an option "--tag-fulltitle" set so that the Episode title contained
more information than just "1.<first episode>" for example rather than
"<Series name> 1. <first episode>" as my media library index was very
confusing without this additional information.

In the CLI I used "--prefs-add --tag-fulltitle" then checked the "option"
file to ensure it had been added (it had). I had believed that this option
would be used by the Web PVR as it wasn't in conflict with anything set by
the Web PVR. Unfortunately this option doesn't seem to get picked up and my
recordings still have to be manually re-tagged (I use MP3TAG which works
very well).

Such is life - so much to learn, too little time .....

Simon Morgan

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