Default options and PVR

Derek Moss dmgi at
Sun Sep 29 18:05:01 EDT 2013

On 29 September 2013 19:41, Square Penguin
<getiplayer at> wrote:
>> I've looked again and can't find any "Relationship to CLI" page here
>> or under Options
>> or Installation
> And you wouldn't have found it...because it wasn't there. I just updated
> the Wiki page to mirror the github one. Find the page here:


I'm still no closer to understanding why the WebPVR defaulted to Best
the first time I ran it, unless there's some default setting file
somewhere that's used when a cookie hasn't been created yet, in which
case I presume that can be edited to default to Good in case the
cookie gets deleted. There shouldn't have been a cookie set but I'll
try deleting them all and double-check whether it still shows Best
when I launch it after that.

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