Subtitles Round 3

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Fri Sep 27 19:27:36 EDT 2013

I wasn't satisfied by my earlier attempt at subtitles, so I've had 
another go.  This time I decided to attack the problem the get_iplayer 
way: Add more options!  My current effort works like this:

The default subtitle format reverts to the same it has always had: line 
breaks and leading hyphens denote speaker changes with no other embedded 
line breaks, so lines must be wrapped by your media player.

If your media player can't wrap lines, use the new --subbreak option to 
embed the line breaks defined in the subtitles file.  The formatting may 
occasionally go awry because of the extra line breaks inserted for 
speaker changes.

The new --subbasic option will produce subtitles like the subtitles on 
the iPlayer site, with embedded line breaks but no indications of 
speaker changes.

If --subbasic is *too* basic, use the new --subcompact option to have 
hyphens (but not line breaks) inserted to denote speaker changes.  This 
is the same as the default format I used in my last attempt.

The new --subcolour (or --subcolor) option will produce subtitles with 
embedded line breaks and colours (if any defined in the subtitles file) 
used to denote speaker changes.  This is really only useful with 
subtitles in the old format.  The examples of the new format that I have 
seen use only one colour, and speaker changes are not demarcated, so 
--subcolour is not worth using.  I'm also not sure the subtitle colours 
look as good without the black background like they have on a TV.  If 
you want a short programme to evaluate subtitle colours, try an episode 
from Series 1 of Bob the Builder.

As before, I've posted a patched version of get_iplayer here:

The patch against master branch is here:;subtitles.patch

Again, I would appreciate feedback from any regular subtitle users, 
particularly about subtitle colours.  I'd like to push out a release as 
soon as possible, and if any one finds problems with new subtitles code 
I'd like fix them before then.

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