new version of gigi

EntropyReduction entropyreduction at
Mon Sep 23 16:21:47 EDT 2013



-- gigi will close immediately if a version of get_player < 2.83 is found.

-- removed rtsp* modes from radio download settings, on advice from

-- added flashaudio to radio modes, which should fix problem downloading
local radio programmes

-- if you pick a channel from the channel combobox, search will use
channel name plus '$', which means e.g. "Radio 4" won't pick up "Radio

-- channel combo box removed, replaced with text box plus a menu popped
up by button

-- added "refresh cache" to file menu

Still pending:  roadcone's problem getting vlc to play a radio
programme.  Is anyone else having the same problem (just click play with
a single radio programme selected in search results, assuming you
haven't changed your player preference).

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