gui wrapper for get_iplayer: sequel

EntropyReduction entropyreduction at
Mon Sep 23 15:25:39 EDT 2013

Having a bit of trouble getting posts onto list, so this may be
partially a repeat of messages already queued for delivery, and probably
won't end up in the right thread.

(1)  Ta for heads-up about stupid .sub error.,  Fixed in
gigi0.81beta.tar.gz on gigi webpage

but no need to download new archive if you made the .sub fix; no other

(2)  roadcone said: " your page does not render so well in Chrome/Linux
and gigi was off the page, so to speak." and "It's off the righthand
side of the page in Firefox v23.0.1 as well, using a netbook with a
1024x600 screen - maybe the webpage theme assumes we all have much wider

     Probably.  Better revisit my table dimensions.  Ta.

roadcone had problem playing a radio programme on VLC on mint.  Works ok
for me on ubuntu 12.04.  Anyone else having same problem?

Working my way through fixes suggested by DinkyPumpkin, in particular to
allow download of local radio.  Will have a new version in a day or two.

Thanks for quick responses.

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