gui wrapper for get_iplayer: testers on linux needed

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Sat Sep 21 14:55:11 EDT 2013

On 21/09/2013 15:35, Alan Campbell wrote:
>    Does it work for you?

Tested on Xubuntu 13.04

Your application doesn't download local/regional radio programmes.  You 
can invoke a download, but no file is produced. I suspect you just need 
to add the necessary recording mode (flashaudio).

> Anything in gui you don't like?  Defaults you'd prefer otherwise?

The "aac" and "m4a" radio formats are redundant.  Only AAC audio is 
wrapped in a M4A container, so one implies the other.  Since you have 
excluded WMA mode, you only really need two settings, something like: 
"Default" (MP3 for local/regional radio, M4A for national radio) and 
"Force MP3" (local/regional radio unaffected, national radio transcoded 
with --aactomp3).

I suggest you remove the rtsp* radio modes. They're rarely used, they're 
real-time only and they have never worked properly to my knowledge. 
They may sometimes work for live radio playback, but that's irrelevant 
to your application.

On first launch, only "include radio" is ticked in Search -> Include 
media types.  I suggest having "include tv" set by default as well, or 
at least make "include tv" the default to conform with get_iplayer.

It would be handy if radio and tv channels were grouped together in the 
channel list.

> Any other get_iplayer features that could be wrapped?

Perhaps the ability to perform a cache refresh?

> gigi (or whatever it's to be called) here:

I suggest you list your minimum get_iplayer version as 2.83.  Every 
version earlier than 2.83 is broken for TV downloading.  I expect most 
people have gotten the message, but there will no doubt be a few new 
users with Ubuntu LTS who will get burned unless they get a firm pointer 
towards the PPA build and get_iplayer 2.83+.

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