gui wrapper for get_iplayer: testers on linux needed

roadcone roadcone at
Sat Sep 21 13:43:46 EDT 2013

I have installed and run the gui with no problems. The search does not 
seem to work for me though:

With Channel left blank, the search tweet finds one only on the BBC 
Asian network. Changing Channel the BBC R4 finds none.

With Channel set to BBC R4, the search afternoon finds just two 
Afternoon Dramas.

Both searches at terminal finds what one would expect.

With Channel set to BBC R4, the search book finds five Bedtime and Week 
series plus oddments (which is good) plus a BBC R4Ex item with book in 
the title and a couple of BBC R4 without book in the title.

I have not knowingly changed any preferences. I am running Linux Mint 11.

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