Web PVR Fails to Download Radio Series if Title Contains Question Mark

Kapitano kapitano72 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 09:14:45 EDT 2013

On 12/09/2013 07:09, Jeremy Bartle wrote:
> I am currently downloading two radio series, "Whatever Happened to the
> Likely Lads?" and "Are You From the Bugle?".  For both of them, the
> Web PVR adds the series to the PVR List but then fails to download
> them.  They do download if individually queued, so it is not a
> problem.  The series entry created in the PVR Search column on the PVR
> List omits the question mark, e.g. "_Are You From the
> Bugle_name_radio" not "_Are You From the Bugle?_name_radio".

GiP can't download programmes if they have 'forbidden' characters - and 
one such character is the question mark.

To strip out these characters, and therefore allow download, add the 
switch --fatfilename to the command line.

You can also add "fatfilename 1" (without quotes) to the options file, 
to make it happen automatically when running PVR searches. I'm not sure 
about Web PVR, as I don't use it.

A complete list of switches is at:

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