can someone point me to the list instructions please ...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun Sep 1 07:20:20 EDT 2013

On Fri Aug 30 14:28:32 BST 2013, I wrote:

>(this issue was recently discussed in the list, may
>or may not be particular to this list and may depend
>on the mail client used...).
> I'm afraid I'm not an expert in this field, others truely
>knowledgeable are free to chime in for corrections/additions!

 ... I could have never anticipated that this would result in such a
LOUD chime and create one of the longest threads in the list
- considering, as I pointed out, that the subject was brought up again
 only very recently; see
and thereafter...
... and the OP with the issue (Mable Syrup) has only participated once
in this thread (and in all fairness, the post gave no indication - to me, at 
least -
that Mable had been offended in any way...), but has yet to make any in-
existing-thread posts, which was the problem faced to begin with...
(I am personally interested because I spent more than an hour trying to
figure out and eventually solve the issue reported here:

This programme expires tomorrow, I'd simply like to know if Mable
managed to record it...)

On Sun Sep 01 00:33:54 BST 2013, David Woodhouse wrote:

>The purpose of this list, as I stated, is to be *helpful*.
>Or failing that, to amuse and enlighten.

 Well, in this post I haven't "enlightened" anyone, so
consider yourselves amused!
(no offence taken there David, I just try to tone things down...)

Kind Regards,

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