MP4 to MP3 (Video+Audio -> Audio)

Shevek shevek at
Sun Aug 25 11:57:20 EDT 2013

On 25 August 2013 16:55, Steve <startrek.steve at> wrote:
> On 25/08/13 15:48, Shevek wrote:
>> On 25 August 2013 13:11, Kris Szajdzicki <kms at> wrote:
>>> Is there any way of using get_iplayer to just save the audio part of a TV
>>> broadcast as MP3 (or anything convertible).  I have tried several converters
>>> to extract the audion, but all seem to fail.
>> After download, you can use ffmpeg to extract the audio
> Or get mobile Media Converter and save as mp3

Please reply to the whole list, not just me! Cheers

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