The 'arse that Jack Built

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Wed Oct 31 18:37:01 EDT 2012

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> On 31/10/2012 22:11, Geoff Soper wrote:
>> Sorry, I should have explained that I can't find this programme by
>> searching by name. Is there a special way to search by programme 
>> id? I
>> tried simply searching for b01ljwm4 and got nothing. I noticed that 
>> it
>> has a year of availability left on-line which seems unusual.
> Did you select the BBC Radio option for Programme type?  If not, 
> select it and search for "arse".  It's there.  If you don't see it, 
> hit Refresh Cache, then search again.  Searching for PID isn't 
> supported in the web pvr.

Yes, the radio option was selected and cache refreshed. How long has 
your (dinkypumpkin) cache been open? Is it possible that yours still 
contains it because you've had the GUI running for some time?


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