The 'arse that Jack Built

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Wed Oct 31 18:19:08 EDT 2012

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> On 31/10/2012 21:53, Geoff Soper wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can anyone suggest how I can use the web-based UI to get the 
>> following
>> programme?
> Same as any other iPlayer programme: search for the title and then 
> click Record next to the item in the search results.  What sort of 
> trouble are you having?

I've tried Geoff's search and failed, although the programme shows as 
available for a year on the BBC iPlayer website.

However, that programme does not show up in any search results and 
using the URL directly fails to find the PID.

Some anomaly? Searching for the programme on the iPlayer website won't 
find it which begs the question how Geoff found it in the first place? 
The Radio 4 schedule doesn't go back that far, only the past seven 



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