Recent patches & proxy servers

John Crisp jcrisp at
Tue Oct 23 21:42:54 EDT 2012


I have just installed the updated files. After my previous missives, it
is running Ok on my server.

Recording via the proxy server works well.

In the Recording screen I can now play a recorded file happily from the
browser (I had to add the vlc firefox plugin) using the PlayDirect link

I made couple of small changes to the cgi file so that the links would
open in a new window :

Lines 2886 and 2896 add :  -target=>'_blank'


# PlayDirect - depends on browser support
$links .= a( { -id=>'nowrap', -class=>$search_class, -target=>'_blank',
-title=>"Stream file into browser", -href=>build_url_direct( '',
$prog{$pid}->{type}, $pid, $prog{$pid}->{mode},
$opt->{STREAMTYPE}->{current}, $opt->{STREAMTYPE}->{current},
$opt->{HISTORY}->{current}, $opt->{BITRATE}->{current},
$opt->{VSIZE}->{current}, $opt->{VFR}->{current} ) }, 'PlayDirect'
).'<br />';

This could be added to the other links.

The only problem I have now is playing a direct stream from the Play
menu. I think that this might be ignoring the proxy server settings but
it could be to do with the plugin.

If I have the plugin enabled I get a URL as follows :

Play (with VLC plugin enabled)

If I disable the plugin the URL becomes :

The browser then tries to open / download a file named get_iplayer.cgi
containing the following :


#EXTINF:-1,tv -  - 12 Again: Series 2 - Episode 6 - The Scissor Sisters
reveal what they were like at 12.

I have added the proxy url to the options file both in the default
directory specified in the Apache conf file and in
/etc/get_iplayer/options but I can't see this is being used by get_iplayer

I put a logger line in get_iplayer at about line 348 and it would appear
the following are set :

$profile_dir : /path/to my/.get_iplayer
$optfile_system : /etc/get_iplayer/options

But I have a feeling that the proxy server is not enabled for streaming

Any help on this would be appreciated !

B. Rgds

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