Problem with one specific radio programme

Martin Edney martin_edney at
Sat Jun 30 14:05:36 EDT 2012

> > I regularly use get_iplayer 2.79 to download various radio content 
> > 
> > Any suggestions please?
> >

> Hi
> Upgrade to the latest version of get_iplayer.
> Then use a command like this:-
> get_iplayer --get --type=radio --pid=p00t1fj4

Hi Bat Guano,

as you suggsted  I upgraded get_iplayer a couple of weeks ago, tried using the --pid option as you 
suggested, but it still didn't work (still stuck on "Connecting...").  
get_iplayer continued to work for all the other radio programmes I 
wanted to download except this one ("On The Wire" from Radio 

I was going to rerun with --verbose and submit
 details, but haven't had time recently.  Anyway, I've just retried it 
and it's now working.  No idea why it has now started working again, but I conclude this was a server side 
problem at the BBC's end.  Does anybody know whether all programmes come
 from a single source, or do (in this case) Radio Lancashire run their 
own service separate from other stations?



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