Radio prog not recording

Mable Syrup blackonesugar at
Sun Jun 24 18:13:43 EDT 2012

I've been using get_iplayer quite successfully on both windows (XP SP3) and linux (Ubuntu 10.03) boxes.

One program not downloading at the moment - is it me, or ...

The Scarifyers - The Nazad Conspiracy: Episode 1

get_iplayer v2.82+n0-git9503c03


RTMPDump v2.4-n37-git4e06e21-ppa6~lucid

(... lots trimmed, looks like 3 invocations of  RTMPdump in all)

WARNING: Unknown protocol!

DEBUG: Protocol : RTMP
DEBUG: Hostname :
DEBUG: Port     : 1935
DEBUG: Playpath : mp4:secure_auth/mobile/RBN2_radio_4_extra_-_sunday_0000_b007wfc4_2012_06_24_00_16_26
DEBUG: tcUrl    : rtmp://
DEBUG: app      : sdpgen/bbc7
DEBUG: live     : no
DEBUG: timeout  : 10 sec
DEBUG: Setting buffer time to: 36000000ms
Connecting ...
ERROR: RTMP_Connect0, failed to connect socket. 111 (Connection refused)
DEBUG: Closing connection.

INFO: Command exit code 3 (raw code = 768)
WARNING: Failed to stream file /media/DATA/recordings/The_Scarifyers_-_The_Nazad_Conspiracy_Episode_1_b007wfl3_default.partial.aac.flv via RTMP
DEBUG: Record using flashaaclow2 mode return code: 'next'
INFO: skipping flashaaclow2 mode
ERROR: Failed to record 'The Scarifyers - The Nazad Conspiracy: Episode 1 (b007wfl3)'

Any thoughts?


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