XBMC TV episode xml output

Tom tsashton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 09:09:16 EDT 2012

> Since you've not done this stuff before, I'd tend to suggest that
> first you use the --prefs* and --preset options in get_iplayer, and
> have a look at what it creates.

I've filled in a few fields in the 'Search' tab and then under
'recording' (I usually have a specific folder set for video output).
I've also added 'test' as sample text in most of the fields. No new
'options' file seems to appear in the .get_iplayer\ folder however.
Have I correctly understood that when you speak of the --prefs* and
--preset options you're referring to the search fields and Save as
Default function in the Web PVR manager?

a lot of new-user-type questions, I know. many thanks

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