XBMC TV episode xml output

Jon Davies jon at hedgerows.org.uk
Fri Jun 15 08:51:00 EDT 2012

On 15 June 2012 10:39, Tom <tsashton at gmail.com> wrote:
> regarding:
>> but see http://linuxcentre.net/getiplayer/documentation#Saving%20Settings
>> where there's a decent description of preferences and presets.
> I don't see a folder called 'options' at C:\Users\Tom\.get_iplayer (in
> Win7). Am I meant to be creating a file with these settings - i.e.
> without an extension?

It's created when/if you do a --prefs-add, or you can create a plain
text file there yourself.  "options" is a plain text file, stored in

Since you've not done this stuff before, I'd tend to suggest that
first you use the --prefs* and --preset options in get_iplayer, and
have a look at what it creates.


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