Downloading Opening Ceremonies

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Tue Jul 31 20:58:12 EDT 2012

Panashe Flack wrote:
> Am I misunderstanding something here? rtmpdump has a --start
> parameter, why don't you use it? If you specify a time index halfway
> into the broadcast then the resulting file will be smaller than 4GB
> and you won't have any problem

Sure, but it's still worth trying to pin down what rtmpdump is doing. 
Besides, using --start has a few rough edges. For this particular case, 
it didn't work quite as one might like. The download always died at the 
3:20 mark when started from halfway, at least for me, so it had be done 
in 3 chunks. Of course, if you don't want the 1.5 hours of the athletes' 
procession you can avoid that hiccup.

More generally, you have to remember to leave a bit of overlap at the 
beginning of each chunk. When you use --start, the resulting FLV file 
almost always has screwy timestamps at the beginning, which is 
unfriendly to your media player. A brute force solution is to to re-mux 
the FLV file while chopping off the overlap at the beginning and 
removing the screwy timestamps in the process.

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