Downloading Opening Ceremonies

Panashe Flack drc-iplay at
Sun Jul 29 21:20:29 EDT 2012

On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 06:58:15PM -0400, Derek J. Balling wrote:
> On Jul 29, 2012, at 6:52 PM, dinkypumpkin <dinkypumpkin at> wrote:
> >> Just wish I had been able to D/L the "no commentary" version, because while the BBC Sport announcers they had on the show were good, it's still nothing like just taking it in  "naturally".
> > 
> > Amen to that.  It's easy to understand why Danny Boyle wasn't exactly thrilled that the BBC decide to overlay commentary on the show.
> The PID still "works" (p00w2r5c) but it just doesn't seem to survive the 4GB "choke-point".
> D

Am I misunderstanding something here? rtmpdump has a --start 
parameter, why don't you use it? If you specify a time index halfway 
into the broadcast then the resulting file will be smaller than 4GB 
and you won't have any problem

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