Mailing List not showing messages

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sun Jan 29 04:02:31 EST 2012

On Sun, 2012-01-29 at 08:56 +0000, Rog wrote:
> What sort of answer is that?
> I've had the same problem with messages not getting through.
> We are not all geniuses Mr Woodhouse, sd please explain to we the 
> uninitiated where we are going wrong. 

If you can let me know the details (i.e. the contents of the Date: and
preferably also Message-Id: headers) of the message that is in your
outbox but failed to get through, then I can take a look and see exactly
what happened to it.

If you don't give me that information, as John didn't, then all I can do
is go looking for a needle in a haystack and *guess* which message(s)
you're talking about.

Mostly, the issue is that people send HTML messages instead of plain
text. If you've sent a plain text message, using the normal method where
you either compose a new message to get_iplayer at *or*
reply to an existing message *WITHOUT* removing 'Re:' from the Subject
line to 'hijack' the thread, and it hasn't got through, then please let
me know the details for that specific message.

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