Ubuntu - get_iplayer ppa updates

Jon Davies jon at hedgerows.org.uk
Thu Jan 26 15:15:42 EST 2012

Coming some time later tonight ... when launchpad gets around to building it...

This applies is you use the Ubuntu ppa:jon-hedgerows/get-iplayer, if
not, and you'd like to, then in Ubuntu do
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-hedgerows/get-iplayer
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install get-iplayer

Packages are provided for Ubuntu from Lucid to Oneiric.  For (a little
bit) more information see

get_iplayer is updated to 2.80+n15-git050a4a1-ppa4 - where "n15" means
that it's 15 git commits later than v2.80 - this includes
dinkypumpkin's fix for --refresh-future
rtmpdump is updated to 2.4-n37-git4e06e21-ppa6 - this was to take a
few additional fixes since the previous version (2.4-n25) in an
attempt to get restarts working better - it seems to help

Please let me know if you find this breaks anything...


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