Unable to get any programmes

Foster, Stephen Stephen.Foster2 at xerox.com
Thu Jan 19 07:30:34 EST 2012

(Apology: I can't work out how to reply to a thread! Hopefully using the
same title will help, but not sure how as there is no history available
- perhaps I need to use a snippet of the last post?)

Its good to know that its not broken for everyone, I'm just surprised I
seem to be the only one so far with the problem :(

I was definitely in the get_iplayer directory when I ran the command
that produced the log file.

I did originally have a fully working (for the past 9 months or so) copy
of get_iplayer. I had made no changes at my end and it stopped working
and had not changed the way I was using it so I'm more than a little

I will experiment with the path to rtmpdump.exe and see if that leads
anywhere. Does seem odd that its not displaying a version number on the
INFO line - apart from wanting this to work I'm always curious how it
got broken!


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