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Mon Jan 16 08:09:45 EST 2012

On Mon Jan 16th 09:58:20 GMT 2012,  richard_get_iplayer wrote:

> On Thu Dec 22 10:12:55 Jon Davies wrote:
> ...
>> get_iplayer -g --type=liveradio "BBC Radio 3"
> ...
> It seems that the BBC have changed things as that command used to
> download at 192 kb/s and the longer Special Event command would download
> at 320 kb/s.

Hi, Richard :-)
 If you are listening live via the UKRadioPlayer console at

then indeed the live audio is streamed at 320kbpsVBR (AAC LC)
and the right click context menu correctly informs about that:

bbc_radio_three | 320kbps | aac | AK 3.5 (1) | 380x40

If, however, you are using the older but still available
iPlayer Radio Listen Live player at

then the audio streamed from there is still at the previous bitrate
of  192kbpsVBR (AAC LC); incorrectly, the right click context menu
tells of a 128kbps bitrate:

bbc_radio_three | 128kbps | aac | AK 3.5 (1) | 512x288

All the above provided you come from a UK IP and using the
"Normal bandwidth" option.
I myself have checked the live streams by accesing them through a UK http 
and capturing them via an RTMP downloader ("Coojah 6", on WinVista x86).
MediaInfo was used on the downloaded FLV files...

If you type (from a UK IP):

get_iplayer -i --type=liveradio --fields=pid bbc_radio_three

then in the "modes" line you get:

modes:          default: flashaachigh1,flashaaclow1,flashaacstd1,wma1

where flashaachigh=320kbpsVBR (AAC LC),
flashaacstd=192kbpsVBR (AAC LC) &
flashaaclow=48kbpsVBR (HE-AACv2).
If you don't specify a mode, get_iplayer will try to fetch first the highest 
quality, i.e.  flashaachigh.

Cheers, Vangelis. 

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