Radio 3 live (HD)

richard_get_iplayer richard_get_iplayer at
Mon Jan 16 04:58:20 EST 2012

On Thu Dec 22 10:12:55 Jon Davies wrote:

> I was looking at this the other day because there's some stuff on
> today that I wanted to record.  The answers given last time were quite
> complicated, and it turns out that get_iplayer will record the 320kbps
> aac stream out-of-the-box thus:
> get_iplayer -g --type=liveradio "BBC Radio 3"

It seems that the BBC have changed things as that command used to
download at 192 kb/s and the longer Special Event command would download
at 320 kb/s.

I see that all listen again Radio 3 is now HD at 320 kb/s. It used to be
at 192 kb/s. So there is now no need to use the live option.



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