Missing video titles

don rossie don.rossie at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 8 06:37:11 EST 2012

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone is helping me resolve the problem of
playing get_iplayer videos on my PS3. Everything is now playing well
When I play get_iplayer videos on my PS3 (new slim model), they are
listed without the original titles, for example, on get_iplayer I d/l
"have I got news for you, series 40, episode 1" and it displays on my
PS3 as just "Episode 1". So as you can imagine, I have lots of
different videos, all listed as episode1, episode2, episode3....and so
on, which is not very helpful. I have tried renaming them on my NAS
(video source for PS3) but to no avail, they still show as episode
1,2,3 etc. My question is there a way to keep the original name which
would make more sense when viewing titles on the PS3. (I am using
get_iplayer 2.8 but with ffmpeg 22140).
Thxs Don....

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