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On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 19:45 +0000, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> On a wider note, I am increasingly peturbed at the number of enquiries this
> list receives about this sort of thing. I do not think we should encourage
> people to access content to which they are not entitled because they do not
> hold the appropriate license, by proxy or otherwise. The BBC could make
> life very awkward for get_iplayer users if we gain a reputation for
> encouraging license-busting. 
Agreed. We do not condone the use of get_iplayer to breach the licence
of the content that the BBC makes available. Please do not ask us how to
do so.

It's not necessary to have a TV license to access watch/listen again BBC programmes from iPlayer.

But this is the relevant section from "Terms of Use of BBC Online Services" that applies to get_iplayer....

3.2.1 If you are outside the UK
You may not access, view and/or listen to certain parts of BBC Content (such as video or live television services) using BBC Online Services if you are outside the UK, although you may, in accordance with the Terms, access and view or other websites and listen to some (but not all) BBC radio content. The types of BBC Content that may be available outside the UK will usually depend on the BBC's agreements with the persons who own rights in such content.

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