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Wed Aug 31 05:24:12 EDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-08-29 at 16:36 +0100, dinkypumpkin wrote:
> On 27/08/2011 17:08, Arthur Dent wrote:

> > My questions:
> > 1) What option(s) should I use in my pvr command to get a tagged
> > download?
> > 2) Can this be suitably tagged to be an iTunes podcast?
> > 3) What do other people do?
> Bottom line:  For radio programmes from national stations (default: 
> flashaac -> m4a), AtomicParsley is your friend.  For radio programmes 
> from regional stations (default: flashaudio -> mp3), the MP3::Tag Perl 
> module does the job.  For TV programmes, it's AtomicParsley again.  All 
> assuming you have the very latest version of get_iplayer, which it sound 
> like you have.  With that combination you should be able get full 
> tagging with optional podcast magic.  I know it works on OSX, Windows, 
> and Ubuntu.  It sounds like you just need the right incantations for Fedora.

Thanks Dinky, and apologies for the slow response - I just can't get
much time in front of the computer at the moment.

It seems like AtomicParsley is a good thing to have. I thought it was
Windows and Mac only, but when I checked I see that there is a Debian
version too. There is definitely no Fedora (or rpm) version and it looks
like the only way is to build it from source. I am not afraid of
building from source, but a quick look at the download indicates that it
is the Mac build code - not the usual "./configure && make && su -c make
install" incantation.

I don't want to mess up my production environment with a silly mistake,
so I have just created a Fedora 15 Virtual Machine (running on my Fedora
14 desktop!) in which to test it.

I have a few things to do to the VM before I can try, so in the meantime
if anyone can tell me how to build it from the Mac source I would be
very grateful!

Dinky - guess the Debian build works for your Ubuntu setup?

On a related note, I thought that the quickest way to get get_iplayer
and all its dependencies installed on my virgin Fedora 15 VM would be to
do "yum install get_iplayer". That certainly worked, but I can't run it
because I get the 

"ERROR: get_iplayer is not writeable - aborting update (maybe a package
manager was used to install get_iplayer?)" 

message (even as root). I got round this simply by installing the github
HEAD version and then running get_iplayer --update as root to create the
plugins - and then copying them to my non-root user ./get_iplayer/
directory (and changing the ownership). Is there a better way?

Thanks again...


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