Wot no tags?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 11:36:04 EDT 2011

On 27/08/2011 17:08, Arthur Dent wrote:
> I have realised that the standard get_iplayer download produces an M4A
> file (which is fine) with no idv3 tags. This is no good for iTunes.

If you're not getting tags on M4A files, that suggests you don't have 
AtomicParsley installed, or it's not working properly.  I don't know the 
availability of AtomicParsley is on Fedora, but I would be surprised if 
someone hasn't figured it out.

> It seems that I only get tags if I use the aactomp3 option (is that
> right?) even though I don't necessarily need or want an mp3 output.

It sounds like you have have the id3v2 utility installed, but of course 
that only helps you with MP3 files.  But, it's not the full answer.  See 

> Also I want to have these programmes in iTunes as podcasts, not as music
> files.

You should usually have the option of turning them into podcasts within 
iTunes so long as they are tagged with otherwise reasonable values:

Right Click->Get Info->Options->Media Kind

> Looking at --long-help, I saw the option "--tag-podcast" which seemed to
> be just what I wanted. This does not seem to work for me however.

For M4A files it will work if AtomicParsley is working.  For MP3 files, 
you'll need the MP3::Tag Perl module.  The id3v2 utility won't do the 
trick.  See:


> Looking at this google-find:
> http://markbowers.org/home/itunes-podcast-fix#comment-5056
> have tried manually adding these with puddletag (a linux clone of
> mp3tag) without success (so far).

I doesn't seem to be as much of a clone as you think.  The equivalent 
extended tags appear to be:

ITUNESPODCASTID = podcastepisodeguid

You wouldn't normally want to set "podcasturl" in order to avoid iTunes 
showing a spurious "Subscribe" link.  Also, "releasetime" will be ignore 
if "year" is set.

At any rate, I think this will only work with M4A files.  Puddletag is 
based on Mutagen, which has to be extended at run time to support the 
podcast magic for MP3 files.  Puddletag doesn't appear to do so, though 
it could.

> My questions:
> 1) What option(s) should I use in my pvr command to get a tagged
> download?
> 2) Can this be suitably tagged to be an iTunes podcast?
> 3) What do other people do?

Bottom line:  For radio programmes from national stations (default: 
flashaac -> m4a), AtomicParsley is your friend.  For radio programmes 
from regional stations (default: flashaudio -> mp3), the MP3::Tag Perl 
module does the job.  For TV programmes, it's AtomicParsley again.  All 
assuming you have the very latest version of get_iplayer, which it sound 
like you have.  With that combination you should be able get full 
tagging with optional podcast magic.  I know it works on OSX, Windows, 
and Ubuntu.  It sounds like you just need the right incantations for Fedora.

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