RTMP_Connect1, handshake failed

Andy Gascoigne andy at gascoigne.org.uk
Sun Aug 28 20:49:38 EDT 2011


I've a sneaky suspicion that proxy use no longer works. I work away from home overseas a lot & use a PPTP VPN and whilst this is fine, I've had numerous issues with using an http proxy and the --proxy option recently.

I've noticed that a lot of my pvr/search options just dont get picked up with the proxy anymore with exactly the same "failed to stream" error that you see. However if I start my VPN, it finds & streams ok. 

I've stopped using the proxy as I suspect the BBC are tightening things up prior to their international / subscription iplayer service launch. 

I'm assuming you know all about VPN usage, but if not feel free to drop me an email directly



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