Warning message in bridge mode

Vu Hai NGUYEN vh.nguyen at actiasodielec.fr
Fri Jun 27 08:52:27 PDT 2014

>It would not be easy for me to do that.  While you found a single patch that
>fixed the crash for you, I believe it is also dependent on many patches that
>came before that one as well.

>For your throughput tests, are you using UDP or TCP?  You might try TCP in
>case you are hitting the same packet-reordering issue reported in another
>email thread.

But as you and Bruno Antunes said before the warning message is normal and I can ignore it?
I've tested with both TCP and UDP using iperf. I'm testing TCP with option -w256K and 10 stream (-P10)
With Open Authentication in 802.11ac VHT80
  UDP Download (1% packet lost) :  565 Mbps  
  UDP Upload (1% packet lost):   320 Mbps
  TCP Download:  380 Mbps
  TCP Upload:    260 Mbps

>At least for standard operation (ie, no software-crypt), I doubt my
>changes to the firmware had any significant impact on performance
>or throughput.

You're right, If I do not enter promiscuous mode, I get the same rate when doing test with your firmware and the official firmware. 
But if I use your firmware for my STA in promiscuous mode, the rate is a little bit slower when doing test (about 20 Mbps less than non promiscuous mode)

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