compat-wireless-2014-05-22 breaks ath10k in an Archer C7 v2

Kamal Koshy kamal.koshy at
Mon Jun 9 07:39:42 PDT 2014

Michal, Kalle
I tried with the board file extracted from 0x5800-0x5843 (MD5 sum 
0a0a9104555f857285b82b7f62b98440). This does not make a difference. 
However, did not skip the OTP file, since I did not know how to do it. I 
can try skipping the OTP file, if I can get the procedure.

On 06/09/2014 01:28 AM, Kalle Valo wrote:
> Matti Laakso <malaakso at> writes:
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Hi Kalle,
>>> Am 07.06.2014 07:36, schrieb Kalle Valo:
>>>> / Kamal Koshy <kamal.koshy at <>> writes:
>>> />/
>>> />>/ Attaching the result of dd if=/dev/mtd4 > ~/mtd4
>>> />/ Thanks, I'll take a look at that later. But before that, do you know
>>> />/ what's the mac address of the QCA9880 device with the proprietary
>>> />/ driver? (_not_ with ath10k) That would help searching for the
>>> />/ calibration data.
>>> />/
>>> /To me it looks like ath9k calibration data starts at 0x1000, and ath10k
>>> calibration data
>>> starts at 0x5000 in that mtd image. That's the same as on my board.
>>> Sven
>> Yeah, that's definitely the case.
>> I think we need something like this for ath10k:
>> which we can then populate in the mach-file.
> Yeah, we need that. But before that an ugly workaround is to do what
> Michal suggests (copy the content to board.bin and skip otp.bin
> execution in ath10k).

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