Calculate fee for room and half board

Christoph Hellwig hch at
Wed Sep 13 16:13:12 PDT 2017

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 03:26:42AM +0000, Meneghini, John wrote:
> Matratzenlager:          AV Mitglied:        Nichtmitglied:
>                                     € 11,00 p.P.         € 21,00 p.P. 
> 4Bett Zimmer:            AV Mitglied:        Nichtmitglied:
>                                     € 16,00 p.P.         € 26,00 p.P. 
> So, if I stay in the dormitory, the price is 11 Euros per-day for AV members or 21 Euros per-day for non-members.  If I reserve a 4 bed room, the price is 16 or 26 Euros per-day.  Correct?   (The use of commas as decimals is confusing).

The 4Bett room price is for one bed in the room, but otherwise yes.

The use of commas as decimals is common in many parts of the world: :)

> And the charge for the 4 course dinner and breakfast buffet (half-board) is  € 30.00 per-day.  Correct?


> Is everyone staying in the dormitory? 

I am, but given the status on the reservation page I suspect a lot
of people booked beds n the 2 or 4 bed rooms.

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