Calculate fee for room and half board

Meneghini, John John.Meneghini at
Mon Sep 11 20:26:42 PDT 2017

Matratzenlager:          AV Mitglied:        Nichtmitglied:

                                    € 11,00 p.P.         € 21,00 p.P. 

4Bett Zimmer:            AV Mitglied:        Nichtmitglied:

                                    € 16,00 p.P.         € 26,00 p.P. 

So, if I stay in the dormitory, the price is 11 Euros per-day for AV members or 21 Euros per-day for non-members.  If I reserve a 4 bed room, the price is 16 or 26 Euros per-day.  Correct?   (The use of commas as decimals is confusing).

And the charge for the 4 course dinner and breakfast buffet (half-board) is  € 30.00 per-day.  Correct?

Is everyone staying in the dormitory? 

I think I reserved a 4 bed room by mistake.


John Meneghini

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