ECI driver develpment - help request

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at
Thu Jan 7 18:51:36 EST 2010

> But... in your opinion - would be this drivers useful? Or is ADSL a
> deprecated
> technology?
> I was most eciadsl users where in Italy and France - and that doesn't
> seem a
> coincidence....

Hi Enrico.

I may confirm that ADSL is still a bleeding-edge technology here in Italy.
This is due to tons of reasons, ranging from economical ones (ADSL works
over the twisted pair of wires which is often already there at the customer
site), bad political strategies (you don't need to own a telecom network to
be an ISP here), and, worse, undisclosed advantages to politicians' friends
(being ADSL asymmetrical, you better mind twice before thinking to use it to
publish your web site, such that you have to buy this kind of service from
an ASP, which are few and big here).

What's more common in the rest of the world? Optical fiber?


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