[Linux-ATM-General] Activate OAM support

Aurelio Arroyo listas_sk3 at yahoo.es
Mon May 8 11:49:30 EDT 2006

> Yesterday I have install a new server bind to a new
> Telecom (italy) ADSL
> (2048Kb down/640Kb Op), the adsl line up but when I
> generate TCP traffic
> (ping) I got the "OAM not supported" into
> /var/log/messages and the
> traffic not work.
> Is the OAM support not present the my problem?
> The OAM support must enabled in kernel space?
> How to I can activate the OAM Support?

I think this error are from usbatm module:

This is a old patch to usbatm:

A version of usbatm.c with OAM (But not full sync with
  last kernel version, - mutex, kzalloc, etc -):

Please, confirm that the change work for you. I don't
remember why usbatm don't have this patch.

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