usbatm bind : need_heavy_init and flags merge

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at
Sat Jan 7 12:36:17 EST 2006

Hi Duncan,

Duncan Sands wrote:
>>>Could you finaly add a quirk patch for eagle, it may not the optimal 
>>>solution, but at least it works and don't add regression for others modems.
>>Maybe Duncan will treat 
>>UDSL_IGNORE_ELISEQ more friendly :-?
> Hi guys, I plan to push patches to gregkh next week.  Since there
> are changes to usbatm, there need to be changes to the eagle too -
> I guess you already have these in your svn repository.  Do you want

> to send those in yourself once I've pushed the main patches to Greg?
As you want. We could also send you our changes in order you send 
everything to Greg.

> Also, for the future, can I have write access to your svn repository?
You need an account on gna (, then go in 'your group' 
menu, and do a request for the project ueagleatm.



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