[PATCH] info to atm layer about broken connection

Duncan Sands duncan.sands at math.u-psud.fr
Mon Oct 31 03:55:43 EST 2005

> Hi Duncan
> > Hi Staszek, thanks for the patch, however I think this is the
> > wrong approach.  The right thing to do is to go through the list
> > of vccs and do vcc_release_async() on each one.  
> vcc_release_async() don't work with pppoatm, I don't know why,
> simply after disconnect modem, ppp demon still works 
> and ifconfig command show me connection is ok.
> Using vcc->push(vcc, NULL) kill pppd with
> Modem hangup message in logs.

that sounds like a bug in the pppoatm driver.  I will look into this.

> > Also, as far as I can see the use of try_module_get is pointless.  Why do
> > you think it is needed?
> It depends on approach, someone would like to finish connection when 
> net driver module is unloaded, other one would like to prevent unloading 
> module. I preffer second approach as is in (for example) pppoatm .
> Adding try_module_get and module_put pair in subdriver atm_start() and atm_stop() 
> propably block unload module anyway.

It would, which is why I don't want it.  Can you please explain why it is
useful to have the connection be gone before the module unload completes?
I don't really have anything against it, except that this kind of
synchronous unloading can easily cause rmmod to hang indefinitely (for
example: the output of rmmod is piped to a socket that goes through the
ATM device; I don't know if this is really possible, just giving you
the idea), so better to avoid it if possible.  For example, the proc
filesystem entries /proc/net/atm/speed* can also continue to exist after
the speedtch module is unloaded, or the device is removed, because it
would be much harder to do it differently.



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