Automatic resync?

Aurelio Arroyo listas_sk3 at
Sat Mar 19 07:33:53 EST 2005

Hi Roman,

El sáb, 19-03-2005 a las 14:17 +0300, Roman Kagan escribió:
> However, given that other modems don't seem to have this feature (AFAICT
> from your, Aurelio's and Matthieu's messages), it may make sense to add
> line reactivation to usbatm.  And perhaps status polling too.  This will
> need sorta .status_poll and .line_start methods to struct usbatm_driver.

And IMO .line_down too. I can down sync without reset the modem.

And say too that...

Speedtch, and I, use this:

case 0x10:
	if (instance->usbatm.atm_dev->signal != ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST) {
		instance->usbatm.atm_dev->signal = ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST;
		printk(KERN_NOTICE "ADSL line is synchronising\n");

And cxacru use it too from staus 1 to 7.

Isn't it better use ATM_PHY_SIG_UNKNOWN status?

I think that ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST is when you have sync and lost it.

Whit this we can use a generic function to control status, if it is
ATM_PHY_SIG_LOST call .line_start. And don't call it from poll_status
like i do now.

Add a new status to atmdev.h?

Sorry for my english.

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