[tslib] Questions regard whether tslib can work with driverless touchscreen

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Tue Mar 6 03:15:31 PST 2018

Am 06.03.2018 10:54 schrieb JC Yang:
> Hi, I’m new to tslib and have questions.
> I’ve got a touchscreen connected via serial port and no known kernel
> drivers for it.
> From the tslib introduction and tutorial, it seems that it support any
> devices generate Linux input events and multitouch events, but you
> also stated “in case the operating system doesn't provide driver
> support.”  Doesn’t it suggest it support driverless touchscreens(at
> least for a list of known work models, I guess?).
> But all related information about “How To connect a serial port
> touchscreen without driver/How to use tslib as userspace driver daemon
> for your TS” are vague at best(not even google help). I know I can
> read the source code and get the conclusion but I’m not permitted to
> take long time to do it.
> So I do my experiments, simply invoke a properly configured(hopefully
> understand your tutorial correctly) ts_calibrate with
> TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/ttyConnectedToTouch does not work at all. It says
> “Selected device is not a Linux input event device”
> Anything wrong with my approach? Or maybe the fact is that tslib does
> not implement any userspace daemon to interpret RealRaw touch signals
> for any models? Is the real meaning of “drivers” within “in case the
> operating system doesn't provide driver support.” same as any
> calibration and filtering tools from vendors(but tslib do rely on
> vendor provided /in kernel tree/userspace daemon to present a
> /dev/input/eventX)? Is calibration/filtering the real meaning of
> “access touchscreen devices” in your introduction?
> Thanks and hope that in anyway this subject should be better
> documented rather than rely on user investigations.


It's all not that complicated :) The Error "Selected device is not a 
Linux input event device"
is because you use the "module_raw input" (first) line in your ts.conf. 
That's wrong for you.
That's what you need to change!

And in your case, you need to (most probably) write
a plugins/<yourdevice>-raw.c "tslib-driver" that simply reads the data 
from your tty connection
in your new module's "read" or "read_mt" functions. How to read, only 
tells your datasheet.
But how to fill tslib's structs and functions, tell you "serial tty" 
modules like
dmc_dus3000-raw.c and touchkit-raw.c that work similarly. You then use 
your module
by having "module_raw <yourdevice>" in ts.conf instead of "input".

First, I'd be glad to get details on your device, and if you have a 
module-raw working,
maybe pull it in to tslib, in order for you to get filter/core-updates 
simply by updating tslib.
If you have a work-in-progress up somewhere, I may find time to review, 
just ask.

And also, I'd be happy for patches or hints on how we could improve 

Does that help? If not, just shout.



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