[tslib] No libts ubuntu 16

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Sun Sep 3 23:07:24 PDT 2017

On 2017-09-01 21:31, Mark Richards wrote:
> It totally sucks!  Ubuntu 16.04.3 no longer includes libts in its
> repository.  Would be sweet to have it available.
> Meanwhile, I would be grateful for guidance for the following setup:
>     - ubuntu has arm-linux-gnuabihf cross-compiler (target is acme
> systems Acqua -> SAMA5D31)
>     - ubuntu hosts debian Vagrant virtual box.  This provides Qt5. 
> Unfortunately the Vagrant virtual box file builds Qt5 without libts. 
> Also, libts is not in the O/S
>     - apt-search file libts.so.0 yields nothing.  (so apparently there's
> no libts in the repo.. yes I updated)
> I'd like to install libts-dev to allow building the Qt5 system
> supporting libts.  Additionally, with libts-dev, I can (presumably)
> cross-compile my Qt5 code for the target system.
> Not sure if I need a special ./configure to do this.. and especially not
> certain what LD flags I may need to seamlessly work with the debian system.
> Suggestions, aspirin, or sighs of resignation gratefully accepted.

libts0, libts-dev and libts-bin are in Ubuntu 17.10 and later in case
that helps.


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